For citations of generic pieces of the Racket infrastructure, please use \cite{plt-tr1}, \cite{plt-tr2}, etc. in LaTeX, or @cite[plt-tr1], @cite[plt-tr2], etc. in Scribble, with the BibTeX and Scribble entries provided in the web pages below.

For references to specific releases and/or chapters of the language, use \cite[Version M.N]{plt-tr1} or @cite[(in-bib plt-tr1 "Version M.N")] instead.

PLT-TR-2010-1    [html] [pdf]
Matthew Flatt and PLT
Reference: Racket
PLT Technical Report #1
PLT-TR-2010-2    [html] [pdf]
Robert Bruce Findler and PLT
DrRacket: Programming Environment
PLT Technical Report #2
Preferred generic citation:
R. B. Findler, J. Clements, C. Flanagan, M. Flatt, S. Krishnamurthi, P. Steckler and M. Felleisen.
DrScheme: A programming environment for Scheme.
Journal of Functional Programming, 12(2): 159–182, March 2002.
Please cite the DrRacket technical report only if internal details of DrRacket are concerned, otherwise use the DrScheme reference.
PLT-TR-2010-3    [html] [pdf]
Matthew Flatt and Robert Bruce Findler and John Clements
GUI: Racket Graphics Toolkit
PLT Technical Report #3