Graduate Study with PLT

An open letter to graduate applicants:

Dear Prospective Graduate Student,

Thank you for your interest in working with PLT. We get several inquiries every year from students interested in working with one or more of us. We're flattered and, of course, interested in your applications. Because you are more interested in PLT than in our specific institutions, we have created the following common application form. By filling it in once, you can automatically apply to all current PLT institutions.

Yes, we know you don't like Bloomington / Boston / Evanston / Lowell / Providence / Salt Lake City / San Luis Obispo / Worcester (circle those applicable). But we like them, or we wouldn't be living there. Think about the message you're sending by rejecting our choices. Moreover, we think very highly of our colleagues—more highly than we think of your judgment in this matter—so for your own good, we're going to forward your application to them anyway.

How many years have you programmed in Scheme?

How many years have you programmed in Racket?

If the two numbers above are not identical, justify.

How many Racket Web applications have you written?

What problems did you find with the Racket Web server in the process? Please list bug report numbers.

Which wheels did you inadvertently reinvent?

Do you prefer your calculi Classic or Featherweight?

Should types be intervals or ideals?

In your opinion, which Barendregt proof has the highest hours spent understanding-to-symbols ratio?

Which is your favorite combinator?

Thank you for your interest. Don't be a cat squandering the popcorn.

—Shriram, Outreach Coordinator, PLT

Seriously, we do enjoy working with graduate students. If you are inspired by the PLT project and want to drive the next generation of innovation, you should strongly consider graduate study with us. We look forward to hearing from you. All of us, no matter where we may live.

Jay, John, Kathi, Matthew, Matthias, Robby, Sam, Shriram