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  • How to Design Programs
    A principled approach to programming.

  • Realm of Racket
    Learn to program with Racket, one game at a time.

  • Beautiful Racket
    Make your own programming languages with Racket.

  • Server: Racket
    Develop a web application with Racket.

  • Programming Languages:
    Application and Interpretation

    For undergraduates, graduate students, and experts.

  • Semantics Engineering
    with PLT Redex

    Semantics automation for language engineers.

  • Concrete Abstractions
    An introduction to computer science using Scheme.

  • Die Macht der Abstraktion
    Einführung in die Programmierung.

  • Premiers Cours de Programmation avec Scheme
    Du fonctionnel pur aux objets avec DrRacket.

  • Programmierparadigmen (2. Auflage)
    Eine Einführung auf der Grundlage von Racket.